Freelancely - End Of Year Updates



Freelancely is a bookkeeping app for freelancers that I'm building. Try it out at :)

I've had lots of ideas what to do with Freelancely. Sadly, I've been very busy for the rest of this year... I worked in Switzerland for a while, moved from London back to Thailand and Mileways got some traction. So sadly, I wasn't able to implement all of the big features that I wanted to finish.

Again, what is Freelancely?

Freelancely is a bookkeeping app for freelancers. It's a simple app that lets you keep track of your invoices, expenses, taxes, etc. It's made for freelancers. Freelancely is the perfect app for freelancers who want to keep track of their finances without having to deal with complicated, bloated bookkeeping software.

What's new?


Items are single units of work that you do. Something like a meeting that took 1 hour, or a logo design that took 10 hours. There are two kinds - fixed-rate and hourly items. Fixed-rate items have a fixed amount, while the total amount of hourly items depends on your hourly rate.

Next up for this will be the ability to automatically export your items to an invoice. This will make it much easier to create invoices - something I dread every time I have to do it.

Income Graph

I added this cool income graph that shows you how much you've earned over the last 12 months. It shows you what client contributed how much to your earnings. Also, you're able to set a yearly income goal. The graph will show you how much you've earned compared to your goal. :)

Smaller things

I've also added other essential features like the ability to change the status of an invoice or client. Also, the main page now only shows relevant invoices - unpaid ones or ones paid within the last 30 days. I've also added sorting to the tables, and cleaned up the UI a bit in general.

I hope I'll have more time next year to work on Freelancely. I have lots of ideas that I can't wait to see come to life!

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