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Freelancely is a bookkeeping app for freelancers that I'm building. Try it out at :)

Life as a freelancer

I've been freelancing for a while and one thing that has been quite annoying is all the management that has to go with it. You have to keep track of your invoices, expenses, taxes, etc. I've been using a spreadsheet for a while but that's definitely not ideal. Then there are time trackers, project management tools, etc. It's a mess.

I've also tried a few bookkeeping apps but they're all too complicated and not really made for freelancers. Most of them have a lot of features that freelancers have no use for and they're also quite expensive.

What is Freelancely?

Freelancely is a bookkeeping app for freelancers. It's a simple app that lets you keep track of your invoices, expenses, taxes, etc. It's made for freelancers, so it's simple and easy to use. Freelancely is the perfect app for freelancers who want to keep track of their finances without having to deal with complicated, bloated bookkeeping software.

The main features

Clients & invoices

Add your clients and create invoices for them. Get an overview of all your invoices by client and see which ones are paid and which ones are overdue.

Tasks & time tracking

Tasks are all the things that you're working on. You can track the time you spend on each task, and then automatically generate invoices based on that data. You can also manually create tasks, for example for fixed-price projects.


Beautifuly designed statistics to help you understand your business. See how much you've earned this month & year, how much you've spent, how much you've paid in taxes, etc. Focus on getting work done instead of worrying about finances.

Those are the main features that I'm currently working on for the alpha. Once those are done, I'll move on to more advanced features. Are you interested in becoming an early tester? Sign up here.

Minimalist design

Freelancely is designed to be simple and easy to use. I'm a fan of simple design, so I'm trying to keep the UI as clean as possible.

Further down the road

Automations & integrations

Freelancely is all about saving time, which is why I plan to add a lot of automations and integrations. For example, you'll be able to directly track time on GitHub issues and Trello cards. I've also been looking into integrating with payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal and Wise for automated income and expense tracking. An integration with Upwork would also be cool.

But for now, I'm focusing on the core features. Do you have any ideas for automations or integrations? Let me know.

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